V1.03 released! (2021-01-12)

SoundGenZ (SGZ) is a new application that allows chiptunes to be created on the PCE/TG-16/et al. Based on the original SoundGen code but rebuilt from the ground up, SGZ allows you to create a song using 96 separate banks of 16 notes each; 48 separate sections of 16 banks each; and up to 36 sections per channel (6). That means you can have a song with over 55,000 notes in it.

screenshot for SGZ
screenshot for SGZ You can solo individual channels, or mute them during playback; and SGZ also allows you to test individual banks and sections at any time. You can also control the song tempo both via the interface, or in real time during song playback. A random song generation mode is available to frighten away small children and dogs.
screenshot for SGZ screenshot for SGZ screenshot for SGZ

You can download SoundGenZ by clicking here.

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