Meteor Blaster DX is the latest PCEngine SCD release from MindRec. MBdx takes the previously released Meteor Blaster game and adds many new options. Gameplay starts off similar to the old Asteroids arcade game. You start off with a small number of meteors that need to be destroyed, and as you get further in the game, that number (and their speed) increases.

title screen for Meteor Blaster DX
Ship Select Screen in Meteor Blaster DX You can select from one of 4 different ships for the game. Each ship has its own benefits and drawbacks. There are also powerups that will allow you to enhance your ship's performance while in the game
Meteor Blaster DX features in-game cinemas (including parallax effects in the opening cinema and title screens). game cinema for Meteor Blaster DX
Gameplay in Meteor BlasterDX Other new (or improved) game features include:
  • Hostile UFOs
  • Boss Character
  • Shields
  • Improved Sound effects
  • CD Audio Soundtrack
  • Powerups
  • Hidden secrets...

The free version of Meteor Blaster is available here.

The SCD version of Meteor Blaster DX is available from the MindRec store.

game cinema for Meteor Blaster DX

Game Manual for Meteor Blaster DX SCD

Please note: images shown on this page are actual game shots, however certain screen transitions are used for artistic purposes and not intended to represent actual game transitions.

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