Meteor Blaster is the latest PCEngine release from MindRec. MB is similar to the old Asteroids arcade game. You start off with a small number of asteroids that need to be destroyed, and as you get further in the game, that number increases.

Stage Screen in Meteor Blaster
title screen for Meteor Blaster You start the game with 3 ships.
You can rotate your ship, fire bullets, and even warp out of a tough situation. Your game is over when all of your ships have been destroyed. game screen for Meteor Blaster
Ship Destruction in Meteor Blaster There are 2 versions of Meteor Blaster. The first is the FREE version; this is a no frill version of the game. The DX (deluxe) version is available in the MindRec store.
Game of Meteor Blaster   Game Over Screen in Meteor Blaster

You can download Meteor Blaster by clicking here.

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