LUNA PATROL - coming soon!

Luna Patrol is the first HuCard game from MindRec - based on the 1982 Moon Patrol arcade game, Luna Patrol brings low gravity moon buggy shooter action into your living room. We have tried to create graphical environments that mimic the original arcade, while still being representative of the PCEngine.

screenshot for Luna Patrol
screenshot for Luna Patrol Luna Patrol feaures a combination of newly composed chiptunes, as well as a re-working of the original Moon Patrol theme (based off of the Ray Charles song, "What'd I Say"). There are multiple options for your buggy's color and design, and both the city and mountain sceneries are included. There are also multiple endings with over 20 game over screens to unlock.

Luna Patrol will be available in limited quantities; once a pre-order date is known, it will be posted here.
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