New for 2022: Implode Ramastered! As part of MindRec's latest release, the entire Implode SCD has been remastered. CD audio has been restored, game sound effects amplifed, and a few other small fixes. Go to the MindRec store to order the VAX Collection and get the remastered version, or you can pu5rchase the orginal (limited copies are still available).

Implode is a new puzzle game for the PCEngine (and PCE emulators). Implode takes a familiar "falling blocks" playing field and turns it upside down, new blocks are fed from the bottom, and it is up to you to delete groups of 3 or more like colored blocks.

title screen for Implode As the game progresses, so does the difficulty; the speed increases, the number of colors on screen increases, and the number of rows needed to continue to the next level also increase. However as the difficulty climbs, so does the opportunity for more points.
Your game is over when the blocks reach the top of the screen (the rails will begin to flicker when you are too close to the top of the screen). screen for Implode
Game Over screen for Implode You can accelerate the rate of the blocks being out on screen by using the I button (this can also gain you more points). A hefty bonus is awarded for clearing the screen of all blocks (and the higher the level you are at, the bigger the bonus).
There are also hidden secrets in the game, like the generous "bomb level" and the hidden title screen. CD Manual for Implode
Artistic CD of Implode   Backing art for Implode

In addition to Implode, the SCD also includes updated version of MindRec's earlier releases Crash & Humpball!

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