What is Humpball? Humpball is a new 1 or 2 player game for the PCEngine (and PCE emulators). In Humpball, you assume the role of the unassuming hump and battle in a game that is half pong, half volleyball. In addition to having a very tough competitor (in 1 player mode), there are also power ups to help (or hinder) your efforts.

title screen for Humpball Power ups include the ability to change the height and placement of the game net, as well as ball and player speeds (both can be increased or decreased)
A game goes to 15 (or can be customzed to other scores) points; spoils to the victor! screen for Humpball
Pause Screen in Humpball You can "pause" the action by pressing the Run button during the game.

You can download Humpball by clicking here.

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