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MindRec Store Update!

The MindRec Store has been updated with the new 2013 re-release of Meteor Blaster DX. Lower prices on most items and the return of Implode and the MindRec game pack can also be found in the store. (MB re-release is set for early June, you can pre-order now).

Pop on over to http://hextic.btgarner.com and play Hextix on your smart phone. No longer a pay for app, it's free, enjoy!

Free Download: LOOP2

Loop 2, previously only available on the Meteor Blaster DX Signature Edition SCD is now available as a free download. Go to the PCE Projects section to download Loop 2! wi

Mindrec Communications is a small collection of people with one goal in mind: to not only have a good time while working, but also to ensure that the work provided is enjoyable to use as well.

Mindrec Members
Bt Garner
  • Lead PCE Development
  • Lead Web Development
  • PCE Music and Sound Effects
  • Graphics (PCE & Website)
Ian McPherson (FraGMarE)
  • Lead PCE Graphics
  • Game Design & Development
Nathan McLain
  • Lead Developer: Music and Sound Effects
  • Idea Guy
J. L. Stolm
  • PCE Development
  • Graphics Artist
Mindrec Support
  • PCE Tech Support
  • Idea Bouncing
Nils Walvius (bullis1)
  • PCE Graphics
Marcelo Reis Pinto
  • PCE Music / Sound Effects
  • PCE Beta Testing
Ben Quinn
  • Tech Support
  • PCE Development

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